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Top 10 Best Browsers For Mac 2017 Edition

You know Apple is legendary in computer and technology industry, so most of the people use Apple device. But even if you use Apple device but you have to use a web browser for browsing the internet in a better way with lots of features. There are many browsers which are made for Apple devices only, but not all are the best browser for your device. So it is very hard to choose the best browser for your Mac.

Today in this article I am going to tell you about the best browser for Mac 2017. I am going to list down the top 10 browsers for your Mac which will be having lots of amazing features. So are you ready to check out the best browser for Mac device? If yes then here below are the list of the best browser for your Mac.

Top 10 Best Free Internet Browsers for Mac 2017

So here below I have shortlisted the best 10 Mac browsers with the help of which you can browse the internet easily enjoying many features.

1. Google Chrome:

 Chrome is one of the best browsers for computers let it be Mac or Windows PC. Chrome is the best browser as it has many features, but Chrome is not for all those users who wants to have good battery life. As a maximum of the Chrome users has said that after using Chrome browser in Mac their laptop battery life has decreased. But if you are searching for the browser which is having many features and compatible with any software or plugin then this is the best. Let’s check out some exciting features of the Google Chrome.


  • You can use as much as an extension you want without any error.
  • The most important features are the user experience of the browser, the browser is having fluid user experience which is very great.
  • The browser also has certain features like Inspect, translate to English and much more.
  • You can open multiple tabs without having any freezing problem on the browser.

2. Torch: 

If you are looking for the best Chrome alternative browser, then Torch browser is for you. This is also one of the best browsers that you can use on your Mac PC as the browser is modified and has made it more better than the Chrome browser. So in Torch browser, you can install all those plugins which you are using in Chrome browser too. Yes, there is some extra features of the Torch browser, let’s look at the features of the Torch browser.

torch browser

  • This browser is having inbuilt Torrent browser client, which means you can download videos or movies directly from Torrent.
  • There are many themes available for Torch browser which you can download from the web store easily.
  • The user interface of the browser is as simple as the Chrome browser.
  • Torch web browser is fast, easy and one of the safest browser for Mac PC.

3. Safari:

 Safari comes pre installed on every Apple device, and it is one of the best browsers for Mac PC. I personally use Safari as my default browser, and I am very satisfied with the features of the browser. Though sometimes the browser gets slow down, overall I guess everyone is very satisfied with some exciting features of the Safari, so let me tell you about some exciting extra features of this best Mac browser.


  •  The browser has got the best user interface that will help you to use the browser easily.
  • The most important part of this browser is that it consumes very less battery if you compare it with Chrome and Firefox.
  • You can share anything easily as it is having the share button inbuilt in the browser.
  • The extension is not only for Chrome. You can also get lots of extension on Apple store for Safari browser.

4. Omni Browser:

Omni browser is one of the strongest browsers for Mac PC  with lots of amazing features like the side tabbed button for easy access. But the main problem of this browser is that it will consume lots of RAM which will slow down your PC. Not only RAM but it is also slow, so while you launch this browser on your PC you might have a problem. The other thing is that many times this browser crashes while opening which is very irritating, but if you want a browser which is strong enough, then this is the best browser for your Mac PC.

omni web browser

5. SeaMonkey: 

SeaMonkey is one of the oldest and the best Mac browser you can use today. You can easily download this browser and use it on your Mac PC without no issues, as it is not that heavy browser like the Omni browser. Like the other browser to this browser is having many exciting features in it which you should not miss out.

sea monkey

  • With this browser, you can easily keep the backup of all your browsing history on your PC in a safe way.
  • This browser has an exciting feature and i.e. Find as you type. With this feature, you can easily jump from link to link easily.
  • You can turn the Safe Mode ON and use the browser if you are doing any transition through your PC to keep the process safe.

6. Mozilla Firefox:

Mozilla Firefox matches interface like Safari browser. Firefox still has the ability being on the top with its sleek and blazing fast browsing speed. You can sync all the data from Google Chrome like Bookmark, Favourites, History, etc. and comes with a lot of features in it. Unlike Google Chrome browser it also has many extension support to use. I must say it is one of the best browsers for Mac device, check out the features summary of this Mac Browser.

mozilla firefox

  1. Mouse gesture and keyboard shortcut come handy for your work.
  2. Fluid user experience with its smooth rendering technology.
  3. Being a popular browser, a wide variety add-on is available for Firefox.
  4. Easy, simple and fast to browse with it.
  5. Integrated search engine e.g, Google search, Bing, etc.

7. RocketMelt Browser:

This browser is offered by Yahoo and one of the cleanest browser for PC out there. You should try out for you Mac device. Though, it is the light browser but packs a lot of features in it. RocketMelt is fast and works well on Mac devices, and that’s why this is on the list. You can download this browser for your Mac device for free.


  1. This browser comes with a powerful search bar.
  2. It does support all extension of Google Chrome. Thus you get a wide variety of extension.
  3. RocketMelt can be logged in with Gmail account and can sync your Google Chrome preferences.

8. Opera

Opera is a browser that supports all platforms and all interface. It is one of the best compatible browser that runs smoothly without any disturbances. You can easily browse the internet even on a slow connection using Opera browser with its turbo mode. It has many tools that automatically decrease the loading time of the page. Below I am going to summarize some features of Opera.


  • It is developed with a better user interface that offers an easy and smooth experience.
  • With it, you can easily manage your emails.
  • To satisfy its users, they provide various type of mouse gestures.
  • With this browser, you can keep notes that remind you as per your notes.

9. Maxthon

It is another powerful browser that fits on MAC operating system. Through this browser, you can easily synchronise all your bookmarks, history like well-known Chrome Browser. Alike chrome browser here in this browser you can use extensions of Chrome. Check below all the features of this powerful browser.


  • You can synchronise anywhere and anytime.
  • Great user interfaces with many interesting mouse gestures.
  • It also runs smoothly even on a slow internet connection.
  • It is a multitasking browser that minimises the chance of a crash.
  • You can easily manage your usernames and passwords with Maxthon MAC browser.

10. Flock Browser

If you are spending lots of time in social media or work in social media networks, then it will be a perfect choice. This browser will help you to manage some social media works smoothly as SEO, Content, etc. If you want to download, you can download it from third party source. Below I am going to list its features.

flock browser

  • It works same as well-known browser Mozilla Firefox.
  • Good news for social media lovers, its supports 20 social sites.
  • It loads very fast and also works smoothly in slow data connection.
  • Good user interface that makes it different from others.

These are all best browser for MAC devices. All these browsers run smoothly and flawlessly on MAC platform. All the above listed best browser for Mac are best and popular. So you can install any of these above given browsers for your Mac Pc, I am sure it will satisfy your needs.

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