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Top 12+ Best Free Movies Apps to Watch Movies Online (Editing Done)

To kill the boredom of the day, movies are perhaps the best solution to deal with it. Since everyone has Smartphone in this digital generation, watching movies has become more easy and a quick process too. To watch a good movie on your phone, you just have to check out and download Top 12+ Best Free Movies Apps to Watch Movies Online on your Android device.

These Free Movie Apps will provide you free & unlimited movies. Now no more to worry to get movies while you are travelling, at the office or even if you in class. The only thing you require is the good internet connection. Download any of the movie apps mentioned below and enjoy movies at any time or any place. Though there are many free movie websites to watch movies online but these apps are great for mobile device.

 Top 12+ Best Free Movies Apps to Watch Movies Online

I have made a complete list of Top 12+ Best Free Movies Apps to Watch Movies Online. It contains all the description and features of the free movies Apps that are mention below.


Showbox App is one of the trending and most popular Apps among the free movies Apps. It gives you free access to watch unlimited movies for free. The files of the movies uploaded in Showbox App contain the High-definition quality which double the fun of watching movies.

 Key Features of Showbox:

  • It is designed with simple user interface, and it is very easy to use.
  • Showbox contains a large number of movies library that includes both old and new.
  • Watch any of your favourite online movies and also download it to watch later offline.
  • Filled up with different genres of movies such as action, comedy, horror, etc.
  • Uploaded with clear Video qualities like 360p, 480p, 720p & 1080p, etc.


Hubi is a cross-platform free streaming movie app for Android and iOS devices. It let you watch movies and also download unlimited movies for free. You can get all the videos from YouTube and all the latest movie updates in Hubi App itself.

Key Features of Hubi:

  • It offers the integrated player that let you watch any video you want quickly and smoothly.
  • Using the integrated browser of the Hubi App you can browse the internet, to get the auto-detection for supported video links.
  • Check on the history of the browser video file of the movies that you have watched in Hubi.
  • Hubi works very fast and secure browsing, without any interruption to watch or download movies.
  • Hubi App supports different platforms such as Android and iOS devices.


Crackle is a unique app designed to watch free movies, TV series and others. It is free to watch unlimited movies at any moment you want. Crackle app uploads all the latest movies of different categories or genres.

Key features of Crackle:

  • Create a list of your selected movies or TV shows.
  • Stream Crackle in your Android device with Roku, Apple, Xbox, etc.
  • Create a free Account in Crackle save the videos of the movies that you watch.
  • Crackle is free from any authentication or cable subscription.
  • The videos of the Crackle are arranged into a category by genres.

#4.Tubi TV:

Tubi TV App uploads top rated movies and TV shows with the clear picture quality and audio. It is completely free to watch movies in Tubi TV. The subscription fees do not include for using the app. No need to make any registration to watch movies from Tubi TV.

Key Features of Tubi TV:

  • Stream your favorite & latest movies and TV Shows in Tubi TV.
  • Also discover the hidden gems along with new favorites.
  • Tubi Tv App allows the users to watch videos on multiple devices such as Xbox, Chromecast, Roku, etc.
  • Create your personal queue and bookmark your favorite movies and TV series.

#5. YouTube:

YouTube App is one of the world’s biggest video search engine available for Smartphone. Here you can download all types of a music video, movies, TV shows, etc. Get all the trending videos and also keep yourself update with the latest movies.

Key Features of YouTube   

  • You can browse personal recommendations videos on the home tab of YouTube.
  • Check out the latest or trending videos from your subscribe channels on the subscription tab.
  • Upload your videos by adding filters or editing the videos in a unique way.
  • It is free to watch movies or music videos on YouTube App.
  • Download videos and watch it later offline or you can watch live stream videos.


#6. Netflix:

Netflix is one of the top most leading subscription services in the world. Here you can watch TV shows or movies using your Smartphone devices. Install the App for free to join the membership of Netflix, start enjoying the services for free with a one-month free trial.

Key Features of Netflix:

  • Access to unlimited TV shows or movies with one free subscription plans.
  • Browse a number of latest shows and movies with updates in Netflix App.
  • Netflix App contains different categories of movies like Sci-Fi, Action, Comedy, Drama, etc.
  • It offers you HD quality videos and is compatible with your selected Smartphone.


BoxTv gives you access to watch and download English, Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, etc. movies. All the latest movies of different categories are uploaded every day with updates. It is a premium app services to watch your favorite & unlimited movies.

Key Features of BoxTv:

  • BoxTv App lets you download any movies and watch them later offline.
  • Filter search mode to find movies according to its genre and languages.
  • Pause and Resume any movies that you are watching in BoxTv.
  • Internet network optimizer mode is available for watching instant free movies.


JustWatch is one of the free movies apps to watch live stream movies and TV shows. The app makes you easy to search any genres of movies or TV Shows that you seek. JustWatch App is listing offers from Netflix, iTunes, HBO, Crackle, etc.

Key Features of JustWatch:

  • It the new timeline options you can view the recently added activities of the provider.
  • Streaming Search Engine allows you to find all the huge libraries by once.
  • Watchlist mode will give you access to turn your phone into a remote.
  • In the Watchbar mode, you can select any providers of your choice, as it comes with a filter of various attributes such as genres of movies or TV shows.


Are you fed up of watching the same old movies in your Smartphone, get Viu App for watching free TV shows, movies and more. You can stream movies, music videos and also TV Shows that you wish to watch. The categories of the videos is fill with Korean, Arabic, Tamil, English and Hindi movies or TV series.

Key features of Viu:

  • Stream your favorite movie, TV series and music video instantly for free.
  • Get all the latest collection of movie updates, with video recommendations on the home page of Viu app.
  • Viu offers to you HD Video qualities that are available free to download.
  • Get movies subtitles available into different languages.


Flipps is a powerful app to watch latest movies, news, YouTube video or movies. It is compatible with Smartphone along with optional connector of TV support, Xbox, and chrome cast, etc. Select any of the 100+ channels to get unlimited entertainment.

Key features of Flipps:

  • Hardware and also extra TV apps is not simply necessary.
  • Flipps provides more than 5,000 of supported TV models.
  • TV remote control mode for touchscreen gestures that let you control volume and also playback.
  • It also features you with cross-channel search mode and also recommendations.

#11. Online Movies:

Online Movies is one of the best Free Movies Apps that enable you to watch movies online. It keeps on uploading one of the latest movies released on the internet. It is well designed with a Multi-theme and also multi-language.

Key Features of Online Movies:

  • Search movies by using filter mode by its genre, year and language.
  • Movies uploaded with high video qualities that provide clear picture.
  • Information on the available movies is available in Online Movies App.
  • Control the brightness of the videos and also the volume while playing.

#12.Cinema Box:

Cinema Box is the right choice for your Android device to watch online streaming movies. It is available for download for iOS and also Android devices. Brings you some facilities such as Cinema box App allows you to download any TV Shows or Movies for free.

Key Features of Cinema Box:

  • Cinema Box keeps it video library update by uploading the latest movies.
  • High definition videos qualities are available to watch and download.
  • Select any of favorite genres of movies or TV Shows any watch them for free.
  • It is well maintained and designed with simple user interface.

#13.Meagabox HD:

Megabox HD is another topfree movies App in the list to watch Movies online. Perhaps it is only supported and available for download in Android phone. Watch online streaming movies by selecting nay video qualities from 360p to 1080p.

Key features of Megabox HD:

  • Megabox HD let you download all the video files of movies to watch later offline.
  • Get all the HD quality videos of movies or TV Shows in your Smartphone.
  • Download unlimited movies instantly for free without any interruption.
  • Add your favorite videos to watch it the next time your browse movies with Megabox HD App.

From the above list of Top 12+ Best Free Movies Apps to Watch Movies Online you can select any App to install and watch live stream movies online on your Smartphones. I hope you have enjoyed reading this article and if you think I have missed any app here then do let me know about it using the comment section below.

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