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Top 10+Best Root Apps for Android 2017

Rooted Android devices possess a great ability. There are several benefits of rooted devices, but the most important benefits are, allowing to download uncountable numbers of apps and games. Using non-rooted devices is something old, as it does not let you download some of the powerful and newly launched apps supported by rooted phones only.

But rooted devices can help you to gain every new launched and powerful apps on your Android device. So, today we are going to check out the top 10+ best root apps for Android, which are available at this current moment for the rooted Android device

Top 10 Best Root Apps For Android 2017

1. Quick Boot (Reboot)

Quick Boot is a trending root app, which can help you to gain root access on your Android device. Downloading this rooting app you can perform several kinds of stuff on your devices, such as rebooting your device, swiss offing the power of your device, and even boot your device into improvement or bootloader mode.

It is simple yet a powerful app, coming up with well-built design and single click options. Download it from its official website, or else from others sources available the web.

2. Root Browser

Root Browser is a well built up app which acts as a file manager of the rooted Android device. This app is similar to Root Explorer app, but the difference is Root Explorer comes for free.

Root Browser is an ultimate file manager for rooted Android users, enabling its users to handle all kind of store files on their device by a single click. It is available on Google Playstore so that you can download it from there itself.

3. AdAway

Android users usually observe an advertisement while they are in online mode, but hopefully, there is a solution for rooted Android users. AdWay is one of the best apps to eliminate advertisement on the rooted Android device.

In point of fact, it installs a cleaner at the root levels of the rotted device, which protect the data from the advertisement of web servers. So you can add your web servers on the list to get rid of its advertisement and unwanted popup.

4. System App Remover

One of the most disturbing parts of new Android users is the appearance of the unwanted app on the home page. In such situation, all you need to do is remove all that unwanted apps from your home page, and System App Remover can help you to do that so.

It is a root Android app design to remove unwanted apps from your Home page safely. Download it from the Google Playstore without any payment for free, and do remove the entire annoying app from your home page.

5. DiskDigger

DiskDigger is such kind of app which you really need to recover the lost data and files of your device. This root app act as a solution to recover lost data, holding ability to recover the loss data of the rotted Android device.

It can undelete the deleted files or data which are accidently deleted and can recover the deleted photos, and videos of your camera and internal memory card.

6. Titanium Backup

Titanium Backup is one of the most used and popular root app available on Google Playstore. There are millions of Titanium Backup users all over the world, and why not as every body need to enhance the life of their Smartphones.

This root app holds several backup features, like a backup of stores apps and its setting, counting secure apps and organization of the apps, etc.

7. Greenify

Greenify is another good and useful root app for rooted Android devices. Greenify can safe and boost the battery life of your Smartphone up to the maximum of 2 to 4 hours. It effectively lets you know which particular apps are running and how smoothly they have run, also lets you known the amount of battery life being decreased.

What so amazing is Greenify is available for both unroot and rooted Android devices.

8. SuperSu

Supersu works as the leading and best management tools for advanced users in Android platform till date. It offers rooted Android users with the set of advanced features, like automatically access to superusers in time, superuser access logging, ability to unroot and root your device periodically and permanently, etc.

You can download it from Google Playstore completely for free.

9. Viper4Android

Viper4Android is a root app for the Android device, which works as an audio system controller. This root app provide you with several useful tools for audio, letting you change the volume of the audio, a volume of Bluetooth devices, and even the volume of headphones further.

Download Viper4Android from Google Playstore, and start controlling the sound and volume of your audio files easily from your device itself.

10. Servicely

Servicely is the latest root apps available on Google Playstore for Android. This root app works as the protective background service of your rooted devices, stopping the work of Facebook and Social media sites while the power of your device is off.

This app can save up to to 50% of your battery life, and altogether is a good root app for download. Download this similar root app to Greenify from Google Playstore, and start saving the battery life of your device up to the maximum of 50%.

These are the top 10+ best root apps for Android. They are really amazing and powerful app which can help you to perform several stuff on your rooted device. Download them from Google Playstore or from some third party sites and start using your rooted device in a more advanced way, with greater functioning ability and performance.

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