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Top 12+Best Free TV Streaming Sites to Watch Series Online Free

With the revolution of the internet, now you can enjoy your favorite TV series on your smartphone, PC/laptop and tablet. All you need is a stable internet connection, and you can watch all the TV series whenever and wherever you want. To watch series online for free of cost, you must know the names of the sites, which I am going to share with you here.

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Many sites are there where you can watch series online, but the main problem is you need to register yourself there first. Then you need to follow some steps, and lastly, you will see the site is asking for payment. Isn’t that annoying? Here I will discuss the top 12+ Best Free TV Streaming Sites to Watch Series Online for Free where you don’t have to log in to watch your favourite series and reliable to watch online series on the go.

Top 12+ Best Free TV Streaming Sites to Watch Series Online Free for you

Choosing a site to watch series is crucial because choosing a wrong site will waste your data and time both. Whenever you want to stream series online, you can pick any one site from the following.

Many of us have heard about; this site is the new site cum a franchise of it. This site comes with a great user interface, and you will get all the latest TV series on this site. You can choose the quality of your preferred video and can stream them online for free.  If you want you can download and watch the videos later.

This site is one of the most viewed sites for watching series. It is the most legit site where you can stream anything you want without registration. Apart from series, you will get full episodes of latest TV shows and movies on this site. This site comes with a calendar, where you can check all the timings and details of your favorite TV shows.

Series lovers will love this site just after opening it. The site displays everything in thumbnail view, which helps the viewer to choose their favorite series. In this site, you will get all the new and the old TV series for free. Apart from series you can keep yourself updated with all the latest news about the TV shows and movies too.

KeckTV is a great site to stream TV series online. The best thing about this site is, this site solely deals with TV series. When people get so many things in a site they get confused; there is no chance of getting confused in this site. The site is properly managed and well-built site which helps to search everything quickly.

Though it is a TV streaming site, it offers you almost everything. You can watch everything here for free. In the homepage itself, you will see all the famous TV shows along with the recently trending shows. If you want you can open an account in this site and enjoy more than 40000 TV shows, series and movies online. This site also shows the shows ‘highly rated on Rotten Tomatoes’.

This is another great site to stream TV series online. If you want, you can download your favourite TV series and watch them later on too. You will find two options to explore this site; one is for the registered users and another for free users. A registered user gets almost all the unique features available on the site. Apart from TV series you can stream movies and check upcoming movies and their release date.

If you are from India, then this is the best site for you to watch your favorite TV shows. The best thing is if you are using a smartphone then you can access their app too. Apart from the TV shows you can watch movies and live cricket on Hotstar. The popularity of this app is increasing day by day.

This is another excellent site for watching TV series online. The best thing about this site is, it comes with a massive database, and all the videos are of high quality. People love this site because of the video quality they offer. Apart from your favourite TV series and shows you can stream movies and other reality shows too.

This is one of the best sites for watching free TV series. You will find all the latest and modern staffs on this site. The best thing is apart from your favourite TV series, and then you can do it by viewing the IMDb rating. IMDb rates all the movies and TV series you will get on the site.

People who love TV series as well as TV show this is the best site for them. People love this site for its user interface. Whenever you choose your favourite TV series, all the episodes of that series will open in a single page so that if you want to want to watch any particular episode, you can choose from the list.

I don’t think this site need any introduction as it is the top site for streaming all types of videos. In YouTube, you can stream, watch and download all your favourite TV shows and series. Not only this, you can search and stream all type of videos and movies on YouTube.

Crackle one of the most popular sites for streaming TV series online. Crackle is the online distributor of all the original web shows, so here you will get all your favourite TV series in high resolution. The best thing about this site is once you watch anything on this site, next time when you will open the site; the video will start from the place from you close it.

I hope you can make a guess about the site from its name itself. This site is very popular in India for streaming online TV shows as this site mainly with Indian TV shows. In this site, you will find almost all the Indian TV shows and series and can enjoy them for free.

If your schedule is busy or you skipped any of the episodes of your favourite TV show, you easily can watch them online from any of these Top 12+ Free TV Streaming Sites to watch series online for free. And as these sites also can be stream on your Smart TV, you don’t have to spend on your cable operator. Just get a high-speed internet connection and enjoy these best sites of 2k17.

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