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Snapchat Whatsapp Smiley Emoji Face and Symbols Meaning

You may be using emojis while you use Whatsapp or Snapchat to express your emotions to the one whom you are texting. Now did you know the real meaning of the emojis that you are sending for expressing your emotions? So you can check out the correct meaning of those emojis that you send while you chat with your loved ones to express your feelings.

Here in this content, you will get the exact meaning of the most common emojis that you mostly use while you chat. I am very much sure after reading this you will be observing the emoji before you send. So let’s not wait anymore and starts the meaning of Emojis.

The meaning of Snapchat Whatsapp Smiley Emoji Face and Symbols

Each emoji has specific meaning and indicates some unique meaning which you must know. In this post, I will tell you the meaning of each emoji one by one. Just check out what it feels like then by reading the meaning of different emoji that I am going to highlight.

Gold Star – this Star indicates that the person snap is replayed in the past 24 hours. So, this means that there is something interesting for showing. This can be used in mocking somebody whom you are cooked up with.

Yellow Heart – this yellow heart indicates that you are #1 best friend that send snaps to each other most of the time. Well, this is a sign of closeness that you express in the symbol to the person.

Red Heart – this single red heart indicates that you have been close friends to one another for two weeks. You can use this symbol to show that you meant the relation and looking forward too.

Pink Hearts– this indicates that both of you are #1 best friends for two consecutive months. It is a sign of dedication as well which will bear much fruit in the later stage of life. You can also take it as a symbol of hope in the relation.

Baby – this baby symbol means that you just became friends with one another recently. The relation is quite new, and you don’t care much about it. Things need to get better at your friendship relations.

Face with Sunglasses – this face cutting has something to say which is like showing a face to another person. It shows that one of your best friends is also the best friend of the other. You and they both send lots of snaps to someone which is crazy. It may also be used as a sign of jealousy to others.

Grimacing Face – it basically means that the best friend of yours is also their #1 best friend. This is the sign of awkward feeling for the person you cared the most. You send lots of snaps to someone, and they also send lots of snaps to the person, so this shows nothing specialty of yours.

Smirking Face – this shows that you are one of the best friends of many persons. They send you lots of snaps whereas you don’t send them even a single snap. It also reveals that you are special to most of the peoples which you hardly noticed.

Smiling Face – this means that the person is another best friend of yours whom you send lots of snaps. Though not very special still you care about the person and send regular snaps. This is a sign of bond that is created between you and the person which makes you care about.

Fire – this shows that you are on Snapstreak as you snapped the person each day. The person also snapped you always, and it keeps on increasing consecutively. There is no such strong bond on the relation still, you keep in touch to one another.

Hourglass –this symbol indicates that your snap streak is going to end soon and you need to send another to keep it alive. The person doesn’t care or show interest in you more as of earlier, and you need to generate interest newly. You must fix it as early as possible as the time is running out of hand.

Birthday Cake – this is usually indicated for birthday occasion of an individual and used very occasionally. You can send this emoji on your friends birthday occasion wishing good luck. You can also set your Whatsapp or Snapchat status using this birthday cake on your own birthday.

The above mentioned are the meaning of the emojis that are commonly used by peoples in Snapchat and Whatsapp. So, you must have known about each specific emoji by now, if you don’t know earlier. This emojis is what makes the conversation more active and alive.

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